Friday, November 19, 2010

Collectivist a Bad Thing to Be?

Last night during a discourse I was having with a Libertarian Constitutionalist and staunch supporter of Individual Rights, I got called one of these and had to go running to my Funk n' Wagnals to see if I should be insulted or not;

Seems to me like collectivist is a good thing to be, and anyone who will argue that it isnt, I will remind them about their religion, like I did my (christian)libertarian friend;

"..Thanks anyways for your lesson in Constitutional Law, but I have been a paralegal for almost 20 years specializing in Constitutional Law. Of course you are right, I'll give you no argument there. The feds IN EVERY DEPARTMENT have gotten WAAAAY too big for their britches and in so many ways...trampling our constitutional rights is only one of them.
As for your seemingly disparging attitude regarding collectivism,...I am wondering what you have against it? Is not human-kind all living on this earth together a sort of collectivisim? Are we not social animals? Do we not live "collectively" in communities around the world togther? I hear you are a christian man. If that is so, do you not feel like all men are brothers? Do you not feel like we are all one big family and have a duty to look out for eachother? After all, it is said we are all derived from the same parents, Adam and whats er name,... eh? See what I mean? Dont be a hypocryte. You cant be against collectivism but "for" the christian ideals of peace, love and brotherhood, and taking care of eachother the best we can. Finito ..."

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