Sunday, November 14, 2010

Athiest v. Christian: a Supposed to be Intelligent Debate

I have only one objection to the debator here on the christian side, and that is his wrong assumption that athiest are amoral in that he believes that athiest believe that there is no right or wrong, and nothing could be farther from the truth. Listen how he keeps bringing up that argument as he attemtps to paint the athiest camp as ok with such things as rape and child-molestation! He also equates athiesm with individual selfishness, if "taking care of only ones self and needs" is part of their philosophy or creed, when this also simply is not true. Many athiests are Humanist that actually care about the well being of others, their neighbors, communities, and of all their fellow human beings all over the world. I just dont know where this so-called intelligent man could get off making these assumptions and generalizations and saying things like me it is assinie and I am thinking perhaps a deliberate ploy to make the athiest look bad in the eyes of the believers in the crowd? I mean, he cant really believe that stuff, now can he? Is he really that stupid and/or he must think we (the people) are.

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